J. Kale Flagg on Taking Control of Your Own Destiny

J. Kale Flagg Blog | November, 15, 2012 | by 0 Comments

For J. Kale Flagg, leading others is a true honor. Although he recognizes that many leadership positions place a tremendous amount of responsibility on a person, J. Kale Flagg believes that being able to positively impact another person’s life and destiny makes any personal sacrifice well worth the effort. In fact, J. Kale Flagg says that shaping another’s life is what gives him the motivation to continue pushing forward when other people are sleeping.

For J. Kale Flagg, success can be defined by three things: a willingness to put forth effort, a sustained commitment for a long period of time, and a desire to take action to actually accomplish goals set forth. J. Kale Flagg says, “knowledge is vital, but anyone can find knowledge. Information is everywhere—what really matters is the follow-through.” The follow-through—the action—is what sets events in motion and gets people moving. It is the action—not the information—that is the true secret of success for J. Kale Flagg.

Some people believe our lives are predetermined, but J. Kale Flagg rejects that notion. In his view, we are in control of our own destiny. Individual accomplishments are ours and ours alone. There’s no point in ruminating over failures or positions in life when that energy could be used to take action and realize our dreams. But ultimately, making those changes is our own choice. This, says J. Kale Flagg, is what separates leaders from followers.

By looking within our own hearts and minds, J. Kale Flagg says we can summon the courage to lead our own lives rather than looking for the support of others. Being indecisive and relying on another person to validate our choices only robs us of the opportunity to be successful. No matter what action we take, J. Kale Flagg says there will always be those who disagree with us—and the problem is only enabled or compounded if we have a lack of trust and confidence in ourselves.

J. Kale Flagg believes that to be truly successful, we must take full control of every aspect of our lives. Only by being accountable for own actions and choices can we break the binds of indecision and self-doubt. Ultimately, asserts J. Kale Flagg, it is the choices we make today that shape us into who we will be in the future.

With more than 20 years of experience in the marketing, medical operations, and real estate worlds, J. Kale Flagg has learned a great deal about leadership and about how to inspire himself and others to reach their fullest potentials. At 24 years old, J. Kale Flagg was named National Marketing Director at a sales firm that boasted more than $200 million of sales each year. Today, J. Kale Flagg serves as General Partner at the American Development Fund, LP, a real estate development fund and Chief Operation Officer at Array Asset Management, a 3rd party neutral asset management and consulting services for owners of solar PV power plants.

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